Dzamefe Commissions Report is Spurious

By | July 20, 2015

Sports Features of Monday, 20 July 2015

Source: Raymond Yeboah


The findings of Dzamefe Commission report that led to the release of the white paper by the Government does not bear the reality and truth of why that commission was set up.After reading through every bit about their report,l still do not convinced they gave Ghanians the prognosis we all wanted.

The report has some mischievous content against K.Nyantakyi’s GFA and the the real culprit in the person of the then sports minister-Elvis Afriyie Ankra was some how left clean. Kwasi Nyantakyi is not an accountant who holds the ministry finances in terms of tournament.The delay of the world cup money wasn’t from his outfit neither did he caused the suffering of some of the supporters at the mundial.The Commission to me did their siting to favor the master who gave them the assignment and l must say their report was a target for only one entity-the GFA.

The white paper should have ordered the BNI investigations against Elvis not Nyantakyi but am not surprise because he was awarded different role in Government when he was supposed to be sacked after the Brazil saga. The coefficient,money saga to me goes beyond the offices of the GFA and l believed if Nyantakyi is their target,he will one day spill out the beans to expose those bigwigs who are silent on the issue.For Commission that boast of a renowned sports pundit like Foe Amoaning,l thought their report would not infringe upon the rules of the FIFA but the fact they ignorantly ordered the GFA to reduce the number of an elected executive committee members and specifically wanted the sacking of its chairman,George Afriyie ,to me had an agenda.

A commission that could defame a player’s image telling him to see anger therapy- knowing very were each one of them is not God that they are resistance to anger,means that GFA was their target even before they were given that assignment by the Government.

Sulley Muntari has every right to take them on or sue them for defamation of character. Dzamefe Commission,was so mischievous in their report towards the GFA for coming out in their report to even referred an equipment officer as a masseur to darken the GFA to the global world and no wonder Daily Mail-an UK news paper mocked Ghana with one of its captions,”Masseur got 100,000 dollars appearance fee as players”.

The Commission report to me still remained bias and bogus. Nyantakyi,has not committed any offense,the Government must concentrate on its ruling and leave the football people alone.

l am done