Matilda Amissah Arthur has shown maturity by Apologising

By | July 20, 2015

Feature Article of Monday, 20 July 2015

Columnist: Addo, Maxwell Okamafo


By Maxwell Okamafo Addo

The Wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur has shown maturity by apologizing for the statement that she thought was intended to encourage the community participation in the Kukurentumi basic school but unfortunately has being condemned by many Ghanaians .

From records Mrs. Amissah Arthur, has constantly called for community participation wherever she finds herself is at the forefront of providing social services for deprived communities especially children, in the area of Education because she believes that a reading nation is an informed nation.
Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur, who a professional librarian herself, and former President of the Association, is committed in helping to advance social values in Ghana especially in the area of helping educational institutions in the country..
She has “told the library story and created some awareness in library use and helped revived the reading culture in the country.” Before she even became the Second Lady, a lot of first engendered achievements have been recorded.
The most remarkable of all these achievements is the good bond and behavior between her, children and women in the country .Her Effective and efficient channel of communication between her office and Ghanaian women is another factor that has endeared the Second Lady to women and children in the country.
As we continue to monitor her activities, Mrs. Amissah-Arthur has continuously called on Ghanaians to work towards creating a culture of caring and commitment to education by reading because a reading nation is an informed nation. And an informed nation is a powerful nation. That is what she believes in.
Other educationists that we spoke to in the central region said they pray that Mrs. Amissah Arthur would put this behind her and continue to be generous in giving. Being a caregiver in the area of education and health care in the country
Speaking at the fortieth anniversary of the Jack and Jill School in cantonment as the Guest of Honour, said she went Kukurentumi to make a presentation of five computers and about 500 books to the Presbyterian basic upon a request she received from some friends.
She said the comments have been in the media since then. Adding that she have for five years now been helping schools in her own small way by making donations to them. So she was taken aback when the headmistress asked for a chalk.
Mrs. Amissah Arthur said her response was intended to encourage community participation in schools. Unfortunately it didn’t go down well with Ghanaians. Soon her own behalf she was very sorry for what happened that day, espercially being a women who inspired us through their actions and valuable contributions to societies across the country
Speaking to mr Kofi Manu who is a teacher in the western region he stated that the Humanitarian actions in Ghana are the visible effects of her deep commitment to improving human condition. Especially been attentive to vulnerabilities and pain of humanity and committing her energy and resources for the betterment of the underprivileged, so the need for us to encourage us the more.
Mrs. Amissah-Arthur over the years used her NGO, Reading for Life, as a channel to reach achieve her target; which is organizing reading clinics for children across the country because she appreciates the fact that they are the future leaders of our country.
Mrs. Amissah-Arthur’s advocacy and philanthropic works in education, particularly for children, cut across the entire nation. She has championed the construction of schools, libraries and ICT centers to virtually all the regions in Ghana
Some of her beneficiary schools are the Agona Duakwa Islamic Basic School, Agona Kwanyarko Anglican Basic School all in the Agona East district ,she has also donated educational materials to the Afranse D A Basic School and the Pomadze D A Basic School in Gomoa Central District , Oguaa Football for Hope Centre in Cape Coast donation of reading materials to the Shama Library in the Shama District, Inauguration of an Information and Communication Technology and Teachers Resource Centre for the people of Lower Bobikuma; inauguration of a 30-million dollar computer laboratory for PLAY Soccer Ghana, a FIFA project based in Cape Coast that uses football and ICT to prepare children under nine years for football and leadership purposes,
The Donation of assorted library books and laptops to the Kogle Primary and Junior High School (JHS) in the Nandom District of the Upper West Region, Donation of library books and materials to the Ghana Christian International High School, Pomaa–Adieso Campus Hwiremoase in the Adansi North of the Ashanti region. Donation of library books and laptops to the St Thomas Aquinas Junior High School (JHS) in Kpando, EP Basic Schools in Dzodze Ablorme, A.M.E. Zion Basic School at Kedzi in the Keta Municipality and Abor Roman Catholic Basic School.Donation of library books and a set of computers each with a UPS to the Methodist Primary School in Dwinase in the Sefwi-Wiaso Municipality, Tarkwa Nsueam Municipality, Dompim Methodist JHS, Tarkwa Methodist JHS, and Bogosu Methodist JHS and Brawire-Akyinim MA JHS school in Axim.The Presentation of 10 laptop computers, library books and cartons of bottled water to the pupils and teachers of the Ntronang Presbyterian Basic School also in the Birim North District.
.Mrs. Amissah-Arthur consistently said, since her upbringing, she has always been motivated to be a caregiver to children, orphans and the less-privileged in society. It has become her passion to champion and help reduce the increasing deterioration of child welfare wherever she finds herself.
Some concerned teachers in the Volta region that we spoke to said the social philanthropic work of Mrs. Amissah-Arthur stands out as a hardworking woman who doesn’t discriminate, so the need for to appreciate much of her commitment in transforming the responsible ideas towards women and especially the mothers and children.
As a people we must resolve to emulate her legacies by showing maturity and apologizing to the people of Kukurantumi and should be encouraged to continue reaching out to lift up the forgotten and disinherited, by offering a helping hand to the poor, oppressed and disadvantaged and striving to create a nonviolent society, in which all people can live together with freedom and prosperity.