Electoral Commission Boss Lacks Wisdom and Common Sense-Innovative Teachers’ Prez

By | October 31, 2016

The President and founding member of the Innovative Teachers ,one of the youngest teacher unions in the country ,Stephen Desu ,has expressed his sentiments on the latest decision of the Electoral Commission to refer a high court’s decision on the disqualification of Dr. Kwesi Nduom ,the presidential candidate of the Progressive Peoples Party to the supreme court.

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Stephen in showing his sentiments described the EC boss Madam Charlotte Osei as lacking wisdom and not sensible because of her decision to take the matter to the supreme court.

The Union leader made this statement on his facebook  timeline on Monday, October 31,2016.He wrote,”The current Electoral Commission boss lacks wisdom. If she had a modicum of commonsense she wouldn’t have gone to the Supreme Court given that the time available for the election and the fact that other disqualified candidates are in court. Indeed common sense and academic papers others call certificates are world apart. She is a very beautiful woman but very ugly in decision making. Beauty without brains”.

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His expression brought up a lot of comments from readers.While some supported his statement,others also questioned his integrity and shown different degrees of ‘shock’ and astonishment ,with reference to his personality and believed he should have known better.


Read Conversation below:
Seth Doe I’m surprised you’re insulting the commissioner simply because you disagree with the commission’s conviction about the Nduom case. It’s good you separate her from any decision of the seven member commission. The insults on her person most unfair.
Stephen Desu
Stephen Desu Leadership is not democracy. Final decision rests on her. She takes the blame. You think litigating at this time of the day makes sense? Afari Gyan was a man of wisdom not this commissioner. She is bent on plunging Ghana into a constitutional crisis. I don’t have a stand on the Ndoum’s case. For the sake of time can we close this chapter? Africa is poor because of the leadership challenge.
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Ferdinand Andersi Arthur
Ferdinand Andersi Arthur She is disgracing herself
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Abiina Love
Abiina Love Dnt worry .she will loose again.
Wadieh Patrick
Wadieh Patrick Common sense is common but it is not common to………….!
Bismarck Kweku Owusu
Bismarck Kweku Owusu One thing you’ve done perfectly here is that you have described youself with the words you have used for a woman which will take centuries for you to have in your family. Bow down your head in shame
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Don Hug Sitso replied · 7 Replies · 1 hr
Wadieh Patrick
Wadieh Patrick Yea common sense! We dealing with reality. @Bis bow your head in shame people like you need not be given the opportunity to take any leadership positions at all 4 call spade a spade!
Don Hug Sitso
Don Hug Sitso You sound interesting but not impressive. You don’t seem to have any idea about the substance of the issues. Should the rule of law and justice be sacrificed for time? Just because you can log onto Facebook and type does not give you the right to vilify people who are going about their duties out of your own ignorance and poor sense of judgement. Put up your thinking cap and come again.
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