Entrepreneurial watch – meet Eric Vondee the young entrepreneurial gem

By | July 27, 2015

One aspect of life is influencing people with the quality of your personality. Life is about making a lasting impact in the lives of others around you. This must be your vision and mission that drives you all day in life.

Here is Eric Vondee, a student of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) reading B.Sc. Actuarial Science. Eric is an Entrepreneur, a Journalist and Radio Correspondent for Radio Univers in Ghana, a Social Media Strategist for Obaasema Magazine, a Singer, an Actor, and the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of My Home Teacher.

Most University students and graduates mostly in Africa do not look forward to building a career in teaching after school. And for those who ‘accidentally’ find themselves teaching due to lack of other ‘better’ jobs, they will normally say, “I am using the teaching as a stepping stone.” Most people, who graduate from tertiary schools in Ghana to be precise, find teaching as a job which receives little attention and low remuneration compared to other white-collar jobs.  However, Eric is not only passionate about teaching; he has been able to build a business venture in the field of teaching.

His successful company, My Home Teacher is a business organization which operates as a sole-proprietorship. The idea behind My Home Teacher is to connect parents who need home tutoring for their children to well-qualified teachers. These well-qualified teachers go to the homes of the parents in order to teach the children privately.

In March 2015, he was adjudged one of the Top 30 Young Achievers to look out for by Newaccra Magazine in Ghana. His motivation for entering into entrepreneurship came was partly due to his participation in Project iSWEST 2014 organized by Nsesa Foundation.

He currently maintains a first class GPA despite his business and entrepreneurial work,

You can do and still remain a focused person. It is tough to maintain balance when you’re involved in a lot of things. But since Eric has done it, why can’t you? Most importantly, is there anything you want to pursue? You have all it takes to do just that. You see, the future does not belong to those who sit down to complain; rather, it belongs to those who are ready to dare; to pour themselves into something tangible; and are prepared to be the solution to challenges that one will complain about. So make up your mind to solve societal problems. Be the change you want to see. Go and touch a life!