Female Science Students Attend Confab

By | March 27, 2017

Published: 27 Mar 2017 Source: University Relations Office (URO)

Female Scientists

Female students of the College of Science have attended a conference dubbed “Ladies Meeting with Provost”. The meeting was in the light of recent psychological and suicide cases among young people in the country.

According to Dr. Mrs. Angelina Amedo, a Faculty Member, women were the pillars of society and female students as future leaders were the right target for the confab to discuss issues that affected them as female students and faculty members in a male- dominated discipline and to help them overcome everyday issues in the course of pursuing their programmes.

In an interactive presentation on “Managing Stress as Female Students”, Ms. Akua Afriyie Addae, the clinical psychologist of the College, touched on what stress was, its causes and symptoms, and its management.  She stated that as students, it was important for them to adjust to university life and to transition smoothly into the university system, while managing their personal freedom. Ms. Afriyie emphasised the need for mental fortitude through self-evaluation. By this they were to identify their strengths, build on them and to work to improve their weaknesses.

The female students were advised to find a balance between their academic, religious and social lives and not to spend too much time on religious activities to the detriment of their studies.

Female faculty took turns to inspire the young women not to look down on themselves or allow others to look down on them or to make them feel unworthy but to have high self-esteem and to believe they can be great women in future. They were challenged to be self-confident and not arrogant.

Professor Mrs. Ibok OduroProfessor Mrs. Ibok Oduro, Provost of the CoS, cautioned the students against any acts that might jeopardize their future and reminded them to be focused on the aim of being in the University. Professor Oduro further asked them to read wide and to build on their confidence and to contact any of the female faculty members and the KNUST Counseling Centre and its centres in the halls of residence for help in any difficulty.