Workshop for Retiring Staff Held

By | March 27, 2017

Published: 27 Mar 2017 Source: University Relations Office (URO)

Retirement Workshop

The Human Resource Division (HRD) of the Registrar’s Office has held a two-day workshop for staff of the University retiring between this year and 2019. This year’s event is the third since its inception and it was themed “Retiring Gracefully”.

Andrews K. Boateng, the Registrar, stated that it has been the practice of the university to notify staff a year to their retirement to create awareness and to help them plan for the event. Mr. Boateng noted that retirement, like death, was inevitable and it was therefore necessary to prepare for a peaceful retirement and to transition gracefully into it which was the objective of the workshop.

Reverend Professor Charles Ansah, the Pro Vice-Chancellor in his opening remarks observed that some people even retired younger than participants and so they must view retirement as a change in jobs and not as the world coming to an end.

Rev. Professor Ansah expressed management’s appreciation to the soon-to-retire staff for their contributions towards the success of the university and the wish for their good health and long life after retirement. He hoped that they would not end their relationship but remain friends of the university.

The Pro Vice-Chancellor remarked that stress and poverty in old age were killers and   hoped that the sensitization the workshop would give them could help them to live better. He added, “To be old and poor is a disaster as you will need good health care and if you do not plan well, it will be a sad situation.” Rev. Ansah urged them to invest with credible financial institutions and not to waste their earnings on unprofitable activities such as staking lotto and marrying additional wives.

Philip Kobina Abodoh, General Manager of UTRAK Capital, in his presentation on “Securing and Managing Personal Investment Portfolios” stated that it has been noted that social security in most African countries is not able to achieve their intended objectives of providing adequate income for individuals who retire after decades of dedicated service to their respected organizations. It is in this light, therefore, that most organizations set up provident or additional retirement funds to supplement the income provided by various state-sponsored pension plans.

He stated that this might not be entirely sufficient and the individual must save and invest towards retirement. He therefore encouraged the participants to take advantage of the competitive investment portfolios in his outfit to secure their future and to invest their retirement benefits well.

Dr. Collins Kokuro, a Senior Physician at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, in his presentation on “Healthcare in Retirement”, revealed that as people get older their bodies change and it affects every organ of the body.

Dr. Kokuro further explained that such changes become more prominent in the elderly. He continued that changes in old age are not indicative of an underlying disease but it is good for them to be aware and to adopt a healthy lifestyle which can reduce the impact of old age on their overall health.

He urged them to adopt healthy lifestyles and practices such as eating balanced diets, exercising, having routine tests and checkups as well as having a medical plan and seeking the services of a geriatrician.

This year’s workshop was sponsored by UTRAK Capital Management and participants were enlightened by legal and health practitioners, pension experts, fund management experts and human resource experts.