Law Concerning Handing Over Your Licence In Ghana

By | December 14, 2015

Law Concerning Handing Over Your Licence

The Road Traffic Act provides that a person driving on a road has to produce their licence for examination if a police officer asks them to.
The law does not say exactly what it means to produce the licence, and it could mean a certain number of things. I believe the best view to take of this is, a person cannot claim to have produced their licence if they merely hold it up from a distance or provide a photocopy.
The law also gives up to 24 hours to produce the licence.
If a person suspects that a police officer will take the licence in order to extort money, well, they can produce it within 24 hours at the officer’s police station. I believe you can insist politely that you would like to produce your licence at a police station (if it is convenient for you).
Please note that refusal or failure to produce your licence can be punished by conviction and a fine of up to GHS 600 or 1 year’s imprisonment or both the fine and the prison term.