LIST: Top 20 Young Speakers in Ghana

By | July 30, 2015

BKC-8829-1000x600According to the latest polling by Speakers Bureau Ghana and the Motivational Speakers Network, motivational speaker, author and philosopher Jeremiah Buabeng has been named Ghana’s No.1 Young Speaker. He was closely followed by Amazon best-selling author and digital publishing authority Bernard Kelvin Clive and medical doctor and CEO of the HuD Group, Dr. William Okyere-Frempong in second and third place respectively. This was the result of a peer review and opinion polling from a cross-section of young influencers and speakers on the following criteria:
– frequency of speaking
– influence
– social media presence/impact
– brand recognition
– speaking fees

The research also revealed that on the average each of these speakers does at least one speaking engagement each month, with some doing as much as 5 to 6 per month as you climb up the list. The average speaking/coaching fee of the top speakers on the list is GHS 1,000. However, many of the speakers admitted that they do a lot of pro bono speaking engagements for various charitable causes. Each of these speakers are masters in their fields, have their own unique area of calling and expertise vis health to wealth, coaching to teaching, purpose to passion, business to brands. You can find a speaker that best fits that need.


They play a cardinal role our development for the transformed nation we seek. They are in gab providing content and direction which our fathers never had is so obvious in the leadership deficiency syndrome we are battling with as a country and by far the entire African continent. In developed nations high premium is placed on such pool of professionals and experts who services augment formal education and career development.

It exciting to know that, they are poised to blaze a new trail, hence sacrificing a lot in pro bono just as the Rev Osei Kofi and his era, Abedi Pele and his era paved a path which today has made soccer a very well paying trade.

1. Jeremiah Buabeng
2. Bernard Kelvin Clive
3. William Okyere Frempong
4. John Armah
5. Emmanuel Woyome
6. Tonyi Senanya
7. Godwin Martey
8. Ekow Mensah
9. Scofray Nana Yeboah
10. Albert Kusi
11. Terry Mante
12. Sara Nana Yeboah
13. Randy Osae Bediako
14. Gamel Sankarl
15. Maxwell Borketey
16. Paa Kofi Tinagyei
17. Petra Aba Asamoah
18. Samuel Agyeman Prempeh
19. Karis Senanu
20. Jonathan Adzokpe

Conducted by the Speakers Bureau Ghana/Motivational Speakers Network for Rebrand Magazine