Monecracy in Ghana, the nima experience

By | July 29, 2015

Feature Article of Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Columnist: Mohammed, Inusah


My affinity for Citi breakfast show is so strong and lies deep in the very cistern of my heart. This is not because the first time I was interviewed by a radio station was by Citi fm. When I was in SHS, there was this marathon NAGRAT strike action which saw a Citi fm journalist storm our campus to interview students on the devastating effects of the strike action. That’s when I had my first Radio interview. The affinity is certainly not also because of the rendezvous I had with Bernard Avle in 2008. In one of our Dream Team sessions at AVERT Youth Foundation, a community-based, youth-led organization in Nima-Maamobi, we hosted Bernard Avle and Mr. Daniel Kokrokoo of Dafoko concepts and it was absolutely inspirational. Dream Team was a ten-year motivational programme rolled out by the then President Mahmoud Jajah to make members connect with their mentors and in the process rise up to the desired station in life. I started following Citi fm since then.
However, the affinity is due to the topics the team decide to discuss which strikes chords in the ordinary Ghanaian life devoid of our parochial, nauseating and suffocating partisan politics. What entices me more is their choice of music which is mostly apt and right for the topic under discussion. My observation was captured by Kwame Gyan.
It so happened that on Wednesday, 8th July, 2015, the Citi breakfast show led the discussion on how money played a very cardinal factor in the just ended Talensi bye-election which saw B.T.Baba emerge as the legislator to finish the unfinished business of Robert Mosore who had to vacate the post due to his enskinment as a paramount chief. This coupled with the most recent NPP primaries had revealed how the winning of elections now has become an auction sale which sees the highest bidder grab the sale.
As I stated somewhere, I am a Nima boy and a proud one for that matter. My interest in politics started in the 1996 elections when the Land Lady, a staunch NDC supporter, organized a group of like-minded people led by a brass band to parade the streets of Nima singing and chanting party songs. One person I could vividly remember partaking in it is the former goalkeeper of Tudu Mighty Jets, David.