The Lessons of Dumsor for Ghanaians

By | July 29, 2015

Feature Article of Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Columnist: Seshie, Stanley



Dumsor is affecting every home, workplace and industry in Ghana. It is
corroding the economic gains of the nation, and crippling its
prospects. Ours is a generation whose comfort is inextricably rooted
in electricity. That is why if the light goes off, most of us become
restive and nervy as it means everything that makes life alive will be
cut off. Note that in this technology filled generation, the human
interactive family is beyond nearby biological ones as space and time
boundaries are being dissolved in electricity powered technological
devices. So, indeed dumsor is frustrating.

As it lingers on, the Government is nevertheless working assidiously
to bring it to an end. Or in the words of the President, “fix it”.
Actions are defining steps constituting the works in progress towards
the solution. There are indeed visible signs to that effect, that when
all activated plans come on board, dumsor will be relegated into
history and will take a longer time to ever surface again. But this
article is not about the copious resultant economic fallouts of
dumsor. Neither is it about the Government steps and plans to fixing

Rather it is about the general mindset of the average Ghanaian. It is
about dumsor in the place of worship of a prayer answering miracle
working believed existing God and, more importantly how it is
eventually solved there. It is about the largely stealthy
contradictory beliefs that they made the majority of us believed to
the benefit of the few perpetuating this grand scam business called
religion. Hence let us situate this persisting dumsor in our daily

Ghana is a nation full of people who believed in prayer and miracle.
And there are people that are known for effecting miracle wrecking
prayers. Or so is the belief. There are traditional priests believed
to make money from anything, especially from blood of animals and
humans. There are Imams who equally can conjure up all sorts of
solutions for any mentioned problems using the quran. Hey, don’t
worry; I won’t forget the CEOs themselves. Yeah, Christians!! They are
custodians of all spiritual powers in this universe and can use them
for anything and everything. They populate every corner with their
pastors, priests, prophets, reverends, bishops, archbishops, all
wrecking miracles via the blood of Jesus Christ using the bible. With
these religious beliefs, of which we are convinced of their results
producing status, one must be of the view that there ought to be no
lurking problems facing Ghana as a nation.

Yes, why should there be? Aren’t we assured by our imams, priests,
prophets, reverends, bishops, and archbishops that Gods answer prayers
and do miracles? That let us pray, and the rest is constellations of
miraculous solutions. That is why it is shocking but revealing that
this dumsor still persists despite all the uncountable supplications
of prayers in the name and blood of Jesus Christ by Christians to
Jehovah, Muslims to Allah and traditionalists to Mawu, Nyame. It is
revealing becuase if the entire nation is too big for these Gods to
miraculously restore sufficient electricity to, what of where they are
worshipped. The worshipping places of this prayer answering miracle
working God are not spared from dumsor either. But wait. Somehow
believers know thinking, and not prayer will solve it. So they resort
to generators to overcome dumsor at where God is worshiped.
Interesting. Really, really riverting.

So isn’t it mindboggling that a group of people can aggregate at a
church, mosque or shrine powered by generator (effort of man)whilst
praying for miraculous(no effort man) solutions to problems in their
lives? Is dumsor not a problem in their lives since it is negatively
impacting on the economy? And if the prayer answering miracle working
God cannot even miraculously power the place of worship except a
generator is around, what then makes us think it can solve other
problems miraculously? Is it only for humans that charity begins at
home? If they can think to solve dumsor in the house of God, why can’t
they do same in their own houses and affairs, rathe than expecting
miracle. Dumsor had revealed the deceits, lies and emptiness of the
supposedly spiritual powers of these priests, pastors, imams,
prophets, reverends, bishops, archbishops saturating the airwaves.

The use of generators to provide electricity to overcome dumsor in the
house of a prayer answering miracle working God represents nothing but
the effort of man as in thinking via conception to implimentation.
This reveals a lot that must not be overlooked about what we believe.
This by extension means, unless the effort of man comes on board via
actions individually and collectively, the problems shall persist and
keep staring us in the face. There is no miraculous solution. Nature
does not bow to wishful thinking. Reality is not moved by faith in
prayer. Nature is immutable to miracle. The persisting dumsor crisis
of Ghana calls for a serious national instropection of our general
worldview and how we approach challenges for a better future. The
simplest but overarching and revealing lesson this dumsor could teach
us is to continually be thinking of, and planning towards the future
whilst taking responsibility for our actions and inactions.

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