Obuobia touches lives at Weija-Gbawe

By | May 21, 2016

Politics of Saturday, 21 May 2016

Source: citifmonline.com


Obuobia Weija Lives Obuobia Darko-Opoku with some of the youth

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for Weija-Gbawe Obuobia Darko-Opoku has hit the ground running with her campaign, following a series of programmes aimed at rallying the people to believe in the transforming lives agenda.

Obuobia has been paying surprise visits to various communities in the Weija-Gbawe constituency, which is currently in the grips of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Her rigours and intensive campaign strategy which has caught on well with the locals has seen her bonding with the constituents as she listens to their needs.

“The campaign has been positive,” Obuobia said during her house-to-house campaign.

“It has helped me connect quite well with them. It has been exciting and challenging at the same time, but it is worth it.”

The former broadcaster spends a lot of time with the electorate at their homes and work places irrespective of their political affiliation to understand their way of life and how best she can help transform their lives if she wins the parliamentary seat.

“I’m not only asking for their votes, but I’m helping if I can. The young and old can attest to that. I’ve made it a conscious effort to be in the shoes of my people ever since.

By so doing I’m able to understand their problems. It’s not just about votes. I have fun with them as well. We have had time to play cards, football and even undergo gym drills so it is catching on well,” an excited and ever-smiling Obuobia said.

On Saturday, she joined the youth of Mallam to de-silt choked gutters as part of her campaign effort to also ensure a healthy life in the Weija-Gbawe constituency. She also spent time to work out at a local gym with the youth.

“I’m happy the people understand that politics is not about insults, but how best you can help them live a meaningful life. I love being with them. And usually it is full of fun because you can’t tell the difference between who is the candidate and the voter.

That’s how it must be, isn’t it? I’m staying focused and will not allow insults and divisive tactics from my opponent derail my campaign.

I have my eyes on the ball and November 7 will tell,” Obuobia stated. Obuobia has been instrumental in the constituency ahead of the November 7 polls as she pays the medical bills, school fees of most people including the provision of water reservoir at the Ga South Municipal Hospital and other areas, building of bridges on water ways as well as public places of convenience among several other projects.