Phases of Dumsor

By | July 17, 2015

Throw me a tantrum but anyone who claims they’re used to the Dumsor has clearly not experienced this new phase.

As if 24hrs in darkness and 12hrs in light isn’t enough, there is also the random Dumsor in play; you should observe this, if you haven’t already.

Now let’s talk about the effects Dumsor has on us as individuals, entrepreneurs, employees, even the Waakye seller.

Cost of living has shot up unimaginably because there is no light. The social media enthusiast and employee need a mobile power bank to charge their phones, be updated, and reachable online else productivity slows down and jobs are threatened, eventually. The entrepreneur incurs cost into purchasing a generator and fueling it everyday to keep his business running… more cost incurred when the generator gets breaks down.


Talk of the employee, after enduring hectic hours of formal meetings and annoyingly heavy traffic, he impatiently stares outside the window of his vehicle or trotro perhaps, hoping the street before his are in darkness so that his neighbourhood would have light. Bummer!

We cannot forget about the Waakye seller who pleasures our craving mouths most weekends. Question is, with the Dumsor issue, were the meats and fishes properly preserved in the freezer before processed to produce the mouthwatering fried fish and ‘goat meat’ accompanied with our Waakye?

Even the student or individual at home can’t refrigerate food for more than a day -what powers the fridges?

How secured are our streets when the streetlights aren’t working because of Dumsor?
How safe are our drivers and pedestrians when the traffic lights are off because the lights are off?

This didn’t start today, we are aware of measures to take, but for how long? Dumsor like life, has hit us in so many phases. Today, it is complete joy to enjoy electricity; life is easier with electricity.

We are using the most effective platform, Social Media to voice out our concerns to a global audience. This year, BloggingGhana’s #BlogCamp15 caption reads SOCIAL MEDIA FOR GOOD. Tell us how you feel. Tell us how Dumsor has affected you and what you’re doing about it. Voice it to the world, and be heard.