Thief apprehended at Akuaffo Hall for stealing wet Jeans

By | July 17, 2015

The scene soon drew more attention. Sensing the apprehension of the irate mob, the gentleman is said to have scaled the wall from the first floor of the Block in rambo style and took to his heels. Undeterred by his speed, the mob gave him a hot chase until they finally caught up with him at the residence of a lecturer at Legon hall.

Before the angry mob could mete out instant justice to the purloiner, two police officers from the Legon Police Station came to his rescue. He is currently in the gribs of the police. This was much to the chagrin of the mob as they felt justice will not be served. The bag of the midnighter is currently in the custody of the SRC president Mr. Davies Ohene Fobi to be delivered to the police station tomorrow.

Even though school is on recession, Akuaffo Hall is quite busy, playing host to distance students, Allied Health students, participants of the National Science and Maths quiz, hall executives among others.Residents of the hall in recent times have suffered at the hands of burglars. Many lost laptops, phones, tablets and money.