Wellspring University Emissary Holds Discussions with Pro VC

By | July 19, 2015

Wellspring University

Professor Jones Orumwense, Head of Department (Economics and Business Studies), an emissary from Wellspring University, Nigeria has called on the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Professor Samuel Nii Odai. Prof Orumwense held discussions with the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dean of International Programmes and some senior members of the University

The discussions centred on the memorandum of understanding (MoU) Wellspring signed with KNUST in 2011. Wellspring University will want to have a year-abroad programme for their students in three major areas: Business Administration, Economics and Computer Science. Prof. Orumwense added that the focal group would be second year students going to the third year. The students selected for the programme would have their third year university education at KNUST.

He proposed a Distance or E-Learning option for some students who may not make it to KNUST.  Prof. Orumwense observed that staff training programmes for Wellspring University was one of the reasons for his visit to KNUST. He added that KNUST had experienced lecturers and so Wellspring would benefit from staff training programmes arranged by the two universities.

Professor Nii Odai stated that KNUST was ready to admit the students. He hoped that the students would do well in their academic work to keep the integrity and good name of KNUST. He advised that Wellspring should be committed to the agreement for the benefit of both parties. The first batch of students for the year-abroad programme is expected to be sent to KNUST in August, 2015.